Customer Focus Policy

“Our customers are the basis for our corporate existence and continuity in business.

We do all we can to attract and retain the confidence/patronage of our customers by understanding and meeting their requirements; and strive to exceed their expectations.

All employees are expected to be customer-focused in all assigned tasks and manage customers’ demands in order to sustain the success of the Organization, retain existing customers, and to win new customers.” To achieve the above Policy intension, the Managing Director ensures that;

a. Any customer-specific requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements relating to our customer requirements are understood, implemented and clearly communicated to relevant staff and, where applicable, supplier of equipment, materials, and services;

b. The risks and opportunities that can affect the achievement of customer focus goals are determined and addressed by each process owner responsible for managing customer related process;

c. Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction is maintained through planned customer satisfaction feedback survey, review of complaints, and monitoring of feedback from service quality, analysis of their needs and expectations through any other means at Micura Services

d. All staff are given a copy of this policy and respective HODs ensure proper understanding and application on assigned jobs.

Managing Director


Doc No: MSL/MGT/POL/02          Rev. No: 01

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