Reception “Staircase” was invented for Alexander, a very bright person, the owner of a small active company, quickly gaining momentum in the PR markets market. One of the sides of his brightness was that he loved to shout. Try not to scream here, if there were just normal people in front of you, they understood everything – and suddenly they have become complete brakes, now they will ruin the whole thing!

That’s when we do it, then it will be possible to cool and choose the fallen. Alexander seemed to feel his special, compressed subjective time, and it was necessary to use it so as not to weave for others, but to distribute kicks. And in general, let them say thanks for waking them up and slightly dispersed the clouds of human stupidity.

And the subordinates, even the closest ones, for some reason did not stop scaring, as if in front of them was a natural phenomenon of violent power. Tired of him, and he himself sometimes suffered. They found a way out for a while: they began to hire personal assistants – as a laying between Bengal explosions of creativity and a working performer machine. But the assistants did not completely solve the problem.

I suggested Alexander to start a light aluminum staircase – such that it was convenient, as soon as I should “sing a rooster”, spit in breadth, shout a prophetic word or just pay attention to the special importance of the moment – to take off to the penultimate step and vote that there is urine. The idea to go from this manner inherent in him, and not to fight it, came to the court, although there was a moment of overcoming resistance and awkwardness.

It was funny and creative, and he loved it, and he was not alien to Self -irony. In addition, if a person likes to show off, then he is both a bell tower and a nest in one subject. Around this, his own coordinated game quickly arose: if he was

Ako vam se sviđaju bokovi, ali niste dogovorili analni seks, možete isprobati opciju kompromisa. Na želucu ste, okupljate noge, na vrhu je, čak i na želucu i licu pred nogama. Moguće je s cialis jednostavno se možete kretati penisom između nogu, mijenjajući kut i intenzitet. Osim toga, klitoris možete milovati slobodnom rukom.

ready to publish the victorious cry of the eagle, pulling the gaping chicken, then someone was not too lazy and run into the cabinet for ladder. A layer of love in this organization meant a lot.

After the immediate effect, the long -term came: the staircase allowed to start noticing and dosing the screams. And from the “taming” the habit was not far from to curb it. The calculation was that the toy is new, use requires courage and risk, and the effect could be achieved quickly and without didactics. The task, as we agreed with him, consisted in this in this situation brought to the point of absurdity to look elegant. We tried and we did. This experience of managing himself showed once again a talented person who can turn his defeats into victories.

A year later, at the meeting, he said that he was soon tired of the stairs and he began to neglect it. But to scream, as it turned out, almost stopped ..